Ferrari Pastel + Jungle Project (Boa imperator)

Simple project working with only three morphs – Hypo, Ferrari Pastel, and Jungle. Nothing more, nothing less.

Mipha - 2017 Ferrari Pastel

Skull Kid - 2015 Hypo Ferrari Pastel

Nyssa al Ghul - 2015 Jungle Arabesque

Lava Line Kahl Albino Project (Boa imperator)

Kahl project focused on the “Lava Line” with the intent of making colorful albinos. Some pattern morphs are being mixed in but I try to keep the morph combos to a minimum. 

Impa - 2021 Hypo RLT het Kahl (Lava Line)

Din - 2021 Sunglow Kraken (Lava Line)

Zelda - 2021 RC Pastel 66% het Kahl

Sidon - 2022 Kahl Albino (Lava Line)

Link - 2015 Hypo Kraken het Kahl (Lava Line)

Grimes - 2013 Hypo Motley het Kahl (Lovell Line)

BWC Project (Boa imperator)

BWC is my favorite of the T+ types. Focus of this project is to create nice BWC’s, Paradigms, and Arctic Glows. Currently the only pattern morphs that I’m mixing in are arabesque and Key West.

Freyja - 2020 Super Ghost Parahet
Loki - 2020 Arctic Glow (aka Ghost Paradigm)

Aby Line Project (Boa imperator)

Thi project is several years out but is focused around the “Aby Line” started by Basically Boas. This line bred trait causes aberrancies in the pattern and blocky saddles. I’m specifically keeping pattern morphs out of this project because I want to create more visual aberrancies without the influence of other genes. Also focusing primarily on anery and ghosts with this project.

Marzanna – 2022 Anery Aby Line 50% het Kahl

Lada – 2022 Ghost Aby Line 50% het Kahl

Perun – 2021 Hypo Aby Line 50% het Anery

Veles – 2022 Ghost Aby Line 50% het Kahl

Blood + Kahl Albino Project (Boa imperator)

Focusing on creating quality red dragons with this project. The Kahl lines being used are Lava and Lipstick, and the RC Pastels should increase the overall color as well. 

Carmilla – 2022 RC Pastel het Blood ph Kahl

Godbrand – 2022 RC Pastel het Blood ph Kahl

Darla – 2018 Hypo het Blood/Lipstick Kahl

Blood Project (Mixed Central American Localities)

Small project focused on creating colorful Hypo Bloods and Blood Jungles. All the stock involved has a high amount of Central American blood. The Hypo Bloods were purchased from Vin Russo and the Jungle was produced from Vin Russo and Brian Gilbert stock. All of the boas are under 5ft and the goal is to keep the CA size within the project.

Lenore – 2020 Hypo Blood (Pure CA)

Dragan – 2020 Hypo Blood (Pure CA)

Drusilla – 2019 Jungle het Blood ph T2 Anery

Leopard Project (Boa sigma-ish)

Sypha – 2022 Salmon Hypo Leopard

Belmont – 2022 Salmon Hypo Leopard

Tamaulipas Cloud Forest Boa Project (Boa imperator)

Maza – 2022 “Funky Tail”

Goliath – 2022 Normal

Argentine Boa Collection (Boa constrictor occidentals)

Kitana - 2014 Maxx Pink Argentine Boa
Jax - 2013 Argentine Boa
Jade - 2020 Maxx Pink Argentine Boa
Liu - 2020 Maxx Pink Argentine Boa
Kang - 2020 Maxx Pink Argentine Boa

Dumeril's Boa Collection (Acrantophis dumerili)

Morticia - 2010 Dumeril's Boa
Gomez - 2018 Dumeril's Boa

Miscellaneous Collection

Fluffy - 2009 Brazilian Rainbow Boa
Saxony - 2010 Jungle Carpet Python
Belia - 2012 Blood Python