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2023 Expected Pairings/Litters

Fall 2022 Pairings: Nyssa – Arabesque 66% Parahet X Mimir – Paradigm Spring 2022 Pairings: Kitana – Maxx Pink Argentine Boa (BCO) X Kitana – Maxx Pink Argentine Boa (BCO) Morticia – Dumerils Boa X Gomez – Dumerils Boa Mipha – Ferrari Pastel X Skull Kid – Hypo Ferrari Pastel Darla – Hypo het Kahl […]

2022 Expected Pairings/Litters

Current Pairings: Lasciel – Hypo Jungle 66% Kahl Albino/Anery Female X Grimes – Hypo Motley 66% Kahl Albino Male Boo – Super Ghost 100% Kahl Albino Female X Olasard – Hypo Motley Jungle 100% Kahl Albino Male Expected Litters: Artemis x Aspid -> Litter due in March. If female proves out to be both Super […]