Current Pairings:

Lasciel - Hypo Jungle 66% Kahl Albino/Anery Female


Grimes - Hypo Motley 66% Kahl Albino Male
Boo - Super Ghost 100% Kahl Albino Female


Olasard - Hypo Motley Jungle 100% Kahl Albino Male

Expected Litters:

Artemis x Aspid -> Litter due in March. If female proves out to be both Super and het Anery, litter will include Ghosts and Hypos, hopefully with some cool aberrant patterns. All will be 50% het Kahl Albino.
Artemis - Possible Super Hypo Aby Line 66% T1 Anery


Aspid - Anery 100% Kahl Albino