This is our only litter from 2015, pairing was Molly x Caballo (DH Ivory Ghost x DH Moonglow). Litter includes Hypos, Ghosts, and Normals. Hypos and Ghosts are all possible Supers. Normals and Hypos are all 66% het Anery. And everybody is 50% het Albino. Lots of possibilities in this litter!
Hypo-1F $SOLD!
Hypo-2F SOLD!!!
Hypo-4M SOLD!!!
Hypo-3F SOLD!!!
Hypo-5M SOLD!!!
Hypo-6M SOLD!!!
Hypo-8F SOLD!!!
Hypo-7F SOLD!
Hypo-9F $100
Hypo-10F SOLD!!!
Hypo-12M SOLD!!!
Hypo-11M SOLD!!!
Hypo-13M $100
Ghost-1F SOLD!!!
Ghost-3F SOLD!!!
Ghost-2F $300
Ghost-4M SOLD!!!
Anery-1F $200
Normal-2M $40
Normal-1M $40
Normal-3F SOLD!!!
Normal-4F SOLD!
Normal-6F SOLD!!!
Normal-5F SOLD!!!